1. What is set as the background on your computer?
    -by Anonymous

    I just reset my laptop to factory settings thanks to some issues it was having, so right now its just some already set background untill I change it.

  2. If you had a band what would you name it?
    -by Anonymous

    Insomniatic Dreamers

  3. “Those who think that I am gay are just very limited people, who think stereotypes. Yes, there is that notion in the world: Gay should look like that… But how can you say that I am gay, just because I care what I look like and that I look different. I am tired to deny this rumor and try to explain myself. Let people think what they want to think. It’s their rights. And the fact that I did not have a girlfriend for a long time is definitely not the reason to say that I am gay. It is just the sex without love is nothing to me. And I think it’s pretty normal.” - Bill Kaulitz


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  4. The gay couple just won The Newlywed Game.

    You go guys! :)

  5. Im watching The Newlywed Game. They have a gay guy couple on. Im so proud of this show now.

    You go GSN

  6. When I see a duck:


    Normal people:

    Me: Duck, duck, duck 

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  7. killjoysandco:

forever reblog.


    forever reblog.

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